These are the notable changes for each django-ldap-sync release. For additional detail, read the complete commit history.

django-ldap-sync 0.4.3
  • Fix empty attribute values not being cleared
django-ldap-sync 0.4.2
  • Fix missing import (thanks @alexsilva!)
django-ldap-sync 0.4.1
  • Additionally enable users in AD callback
django-ldap-sync 0.4.0
  • Fix error when synchronizing groups
  • Add setting to retrieve additional LDAP attributes
  • Pass attributes to user callback functions
  • Add example callback for disabling users with AD userAccountControl
django-ldap-sync 0.3.2
  • Fix packaging errors
django-ldap-sync 0.3.0
  • Add a setting to override the username field
  • Add handling of removed users
  • Implement callbacks for added/changed and removed users
django-ldap-sync 0.2.0
  • Handle DataError exception when syncing long names (thanks @tomrenn!)
  • Change Celery task to use @shared_task decorator
django-ldap-sync 0.1.1
  • Fix exception with AD internal referrals
django-ldap-sync 0.1.0
  • Initial release